June 22, 2015

About Us


Innovation-centred healthcare for your body and mind

Ergocentrixs is all about caring for YOU—we strive to redefine, and improve your health and wellness for you to live longer, healthier and happier lives. All our consultants are HPC and IEHF registered professionals, providing unparallel Ergonomics and Healthacare solutions for years untold.

Our vision

As a socially responsible enterprise, all our activities aim at making a difference to the health and welfare of the blue planet and its inhabitants. Ergocentrixs is a global provider of innovative and ergo-friendly healthcare solutions. We provide individuals and corporations with state of the art healthcare products and services that reflect individuals’ needs and priorities at affordable prices.

Global provider of innovations

We are a global provider of innovative ergo-friendly health-care solutions and services that reflect individuals’ needs and priorities. We are equipped with highly experienced and qualified professionals who specialise in providing a wide range of customised services to support the health and well-being needs of our clients. Our goal is to make health and well-being easy, safe and fun!

Bespoke programs customised for you

Our techniques, concepts and programs are focussed on the values of healthy living and mind-wellness for the holistic well being of individuals. Designed by neuroscientists and physiotherapists, our exercise regimes, stress management approaches and ergonomics solutions are customised to improve and strengthen an individual’s neuronal and muscle fitness.

Our innovative brain and body wellness programs are designed for clients of all ages. We combine an in-depth approach of overall health assessment with fitness evaluation followed by a customised fitness management program that works to improve an individual’s mind and body. Our workouts are targeted towards achieving muscular rejuvenation, achieving stress-free states and improvements in core cognitive functions, brain plasticity, memory and neuromuscular control. In essence, we help to future-proof an individual’s brain and body as they grow old.

Our values

  •    Safety – Dedicated to develop safe, healthy and incidence-free environments
  •    Excellence and quality – Delivering world class solutions in PNFerobicsTM, Ergonomics, and stress management
  •    Awareness – Help you identify health related issues and trends that you can benefit from
  •    Innovations – Develop cutting-edge ideas, tools and solutions to address health, safety and well-being issues
  •    Global expertise and local knowledge – Flexible designs that are cost-effective and sustainable both globally and locally

Avail efficient, cost effective and value-added Ergonomics, stress management and PNFerobicsTM programs from our globally trained experts

  •    Reduce your health and medical cost
  •    Achieve better output from employees and members of the community
  •    Feel de-stressed, relax and get the right balance back in your life
  •    Be advised and guided by our world class professionals and health-care service providers
  •    Get quality health-related injury assessment and solutions with our tailored approach

At Ergocentrixs, we always go an extra mile to provide an unsurpassed level of care. We always endeavour to understand our customer’s expectations and work in partnership to offer the highest level of health and well-being services. We pride ourselves on the efficiency of our services and our levels of customer service.

You can contact us for a consultation or to request an on-site visit for customised health, safety and fitness assessments, workplace re-modifications, stress reliving regimes or fitness training. Whatever may be your needs; we always offer you the best match health-care expert.