June 22, 2015


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Ergocentrixs offers specially designed ergonomics consultations and solutions to prevent Work Related Musculoskeletal Disorders (WRMSDs) in offices, factories, schools and domestic environments. Our assessments and solutions are aimed to demonstrate how posture and workspace engineering principles can work in tandem to prevent health damages arising from routine practices. We provide case-study-based consultations, complementing work place designs and the best practice work-standards. Our services include assessment of posture, analysis of the workplace and recommendation of safety measures to prevent injury at work or leisure.


Poor posture can lead to spinal deformities, sciatica, asthma and even affect learning abilities in children

Over half of children suffer from pain in their backs, necks, shoulders, hands, wrist, and in their eyes due to poor posture by the age of 14

Chronic back pain costs the NHS £1 billion each year

In the UK, 3.3 M people develop chronic pain every year and do not recover

Our ergonomics solutions

  •     Job hazard/safety analysis
  •    Ergonomics assessment, training and workshops
  •    Identification of potential musculoskeletal problems
  •    Workplace design and planning
  •    Home and office redesigning
  •    Back safety and postural care for school-goers
  •    Ergonomics for pregnant women

Sectors and services

  •  Workstation assessment: Specialised assessments to ensure workstations in offices and factories are ergonomically designed to minimise the risk of injury and maximise productivity
  •    Office: One-to-one and group corporate wellness programs to curb work-related injuries and stress
  •    Manufacturing industry: Advanced industrial ergonomics assessment & management training specially designed to incorporate customised assessment protocols, low-cost & high-impact solutions, and productive improvement in outputs
  •    Schools and Universities: Ergonomically-designed environment and practice can protect the health and well being of children and teachers. Furthermore, it can prevent initiation of adult degenerative diseases from childhood
  •    Home: Ergonomics in domestic environments can improve your quality of life and social wellbeing. Our Ergohome solutions have components that are designed with you in mind to make your home and life comfortable, safe and injury-free
  •    Pregnant women: During pregnancy, reach distance, balance and lifting tasks are affected. Our specialised ergonomics modification (ErgopregTM) can manage and improve on discomforts tackled by women during pregnancy
  •    Laboratories: Laboratory ergonomics risk management will help employers comply with the specialist activities performed in laboratory and provide the right kind of protection for laboratory workers
  •    Hospitality industry: The two most common injuries caused by heavy lifting in an incorrect way are hand and wrist injuries, and back strains. Ergonomically designed workstations in hotels, resorts and catering industry can prevent injuries to employees and improve their performance

Our professional and experienced ergonomics advisers have the highest qualifications in their subject of specialisation and follow guidelines of the International Ergonomics Association (IEA). All our experts undertake a personalised, result-focused, client-tailored approach to provide expert occupational health and safety assessment, advice and trainings.

You can contact us for a personal consultation or request an onsite visit for workplace evaluation/ assessments, workplace re-modifications and training.