June 22, 2015

Workplace DSE


At Ergocentrixs we aim to provide you a clear, affordable and tailored advise to ensure your organisation complies with the legal requirements and to make the workstations safe, productive and risk-free for your employees.

Our Workstation programs can be tailored to your organisation’s requirements in several different ways:

  • Simple workstation risk assessments conducted by our qualified ergonomists at your workstations to comply and save time
  • Advanced or detailed workstation risk assessments conducted by our qualified ergonomists at your workstations for affected individuals
  • Training for all workstation users through workshops regarding risks and necessary prevention measures to ensure risk awareness

Key benefits of our DSE workstation assessments

We are proud to mention that our clients not only comply with the legal requirements but also ensure that our workstation assessments are not a ‘tick box’ exercise but enables employers to:

  • control employees’ compensation losses, and other injury and illness concerns, before they become issues
  • improve productivity and task management
  • reduce sickness and absteenism
  • alleviate and prevent DSE related muscular skeletal disorders
  • reduce insurance premium for the organisation
  • provide tailored expertise to employees at competitive rates
  • deliver solutions that fit their requirements and overall business strategy
  • deliver relevant, cost-effective ergonomics action plans that helps determine more accurate ROI in display screen equipment, office furniture and environment.

Our unique approach to workstation assessments

At Ergocentrixs we have a client-centric approach that works to improve and implement high productivity and reduce cost. With clients ranging from manufacturers to utilities, and from major corporations to service organisations, we specialise in understanding the clients’ need and effectively analyse DSE risk concerns in both office and home-based environments. Our DSE assessment approach focuses on improving human performance, resulting in measurably higher quality, productivity, and employee safety while working with DSE equipments. We ensure that our DSE risk assessment programme delivers the features mentioned below.

  • Compliance: We help you comply and implement industry best practise in line with UK’s Health and Safety Executive Guidance and international ergonomics standards
  • Proactive: We ensure that our programmes  help you identify processes and employee requirements ahead of time. Benefit from our proactive ergonomics approach.
  • Quality: Our experienced consultants can advise users on simple changes that will enable employees overcome complex problems
  • Simple: Our results and reports will help you understand the problem and identify with the recommendations, illustrated in our fully detailed reports
  • Tailored: Our programs can be tailored to your organisations size and specific requirements.
  • Unlimited Add-ons: Our ‘best in class’ add-ons will ensure that your organisation is benefitted most from the programme in terms of best practise and implementation

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