November 23, 2017

Our Services

Ergonomics Solution

  • Job Safety Hazard Analysis
  • Identification of potential musculoskeletal problems in the workplace
  • Ergonomics training evaluation
  • Workplace planning
  • Home and office redesigning
  • Back safety for school-goers
  • Ergonomics for Pregnant Women

Stress Management

  • HSE outlined assessment of stress
  • Stress management for Corporates, industries and workplace
  • Stress management for children, teacher, women and pregnant women

Our ergonomics advisers are professional, experienced and have the highest qualification in their subject sphere and follow guidelines based on International Ergonomics Association (IEA). All our experts undertake a personalised result-focused client-tailored approach to provide expertise occupational health and safety assessment, advice and trainings. Our services include one-to-one workstation evaluation and advice in the comfort of your home, school or office, or even online.

We have extensive experience in investigation and can conduct simple workstation assessments to reviewing complex safety critical systems. We are able to apply our specialist knowledge in training courses that we deliver and ensure that delegates leave with the relevant skills applicable within their roles.

Our values are:

Safety – Dedicated to safe, healthy and incidence free environment

Excellence and Quality– Delivering world class solutions in Ergonomics and Stress Management

Awareness – Help you identify ergonomics and stress related health issues and trends

Innovations – Develop cutting ideas, tools and solutions to address health and safety issues

Global Expertise and local Knowledge – Designs that is cost-effective and sustainable to provide the best results for our clients

You can contact us for consultation or to request an onsite visit for workplace evaluation. Assignments, workplace re-modifications and training whatever may be your needs; we always offer you the best match ergonomics expert.

We believe in the right of every human being to a fair share of safe and healthy life!!